Dry Cleaning

Excellent Laundry provides dry cleaning and laundry services in one facility. No other laundry in Sydney has this advantage. When required we have the option to dry clean rather than just launder like our competitors do, which gives superior results. We also offer dry cleaning service for customer owned goods and staff uniforms.

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We offer dry cleaning services for all types of clothing and fabrics – from everyday wear to the most delicate of dresses such as wedding dresses or formal wear. We are uniquely placed to take care of all the dry cleaning needs of your hotel – including dry cleaning services for your staff and guests.


Dry Cleaning Services include

  • Hotel staff Uniforms
  • House keeping Uniforms
  • Dry cleaning for your guests
  • Security staff Uniforms


We take great pride in being one of the very few dry cleaning stores that specialise in effectively cleaning bridal wear. Using the latest technology, we delicately clean your most treasured items.

Leather and Suede


We specialise in the complex process of leather and suede cleaning.  Our thorough cleaning solution  includes odour removal and moisturising which results in a smooth and protective finish that prolongs the life of your garments and gets them near to the original condition as possible.

water proofing


Our experienced team consists of experts in cleaning and waterproofing water resistant garments such as raincoats and anoraks. Our specialised waterproofing treatment ensures that your anoraks and raincoats remain resistant to liquids over a long period of time.



We provide a wide range of repair and alteration services for your garments and household items, customised to your specific needs.

household item dry cleaning


It is recommended to regularly clean your household items. Our cleaning process gives a deep clean using a re-texturing agent to maintain the original feel and appearance of the fabric.

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