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Our range of customisable chef uniforms, staff uniforms, and aprons will ensure sure that your staff always look and feel professional. That first impression on your guests will always be perfect and of course you will be setting one proud work culture and environment.

Our complete range of uniforms meet strict quality standards.

As part of our uniform hire, we offer a full hassle free uniform rental service where we pick-up, launder and deliver your staff uniforms (that you own) to your business.

To top it off, our state of the art dry cleaning and laundry facilities allow us to perform the best possible cleaning method for that perfect clean and iron every time.

Special note for those looking for personal costume hire. Unfortunately, we are not a costume shop, but rather geared towards commercial laundry services. So whilst we do not offer the perfect fancy dress for Christmas, Indian, Roman, Greek, Fairy Tale, Star Wars, Disney, Medieval, Oktoberfest; we can definitely launder them for you after you have stained them in make up!



At Excellent Laundry we take the time to listen to our clients’ needs and provide them with a tailored solution. We use our expertise to not only meet your requirements but to also help you save on wasteful expenditure.


With over 50 years of industry experience Excellent Laundry has earned a reputation as one of the best commercial dry cleaners and linen services in Sydney. Over the years we have serviced many of NSW finest hotels and restaurants.


We are aware of the advantages offered by investing in the latest technology and have recently installed state of the art European machinery. This allows us to process larger volumes of linen to a superior level of clean in a fraction of the time.


Cleanliness and professionalism are essential to your kitchen’s survival, especially in Sydney’s strict food industry. Let Excellent Laundry take care of outfitting your kitchen staff in our range of durable, high quality, and customisable work uniforms. We can also launder the garments so you can rest assured that the cleanliness of your kitchen is not compromised. 

Popular Products

  • Chef’s jacket
  • Chef’s Trousers
  • Chef’s headware
  • Customisable Executive Chef Jackets


  • Large range of colours & sizes
  • Highly durable materials
  • Hygienic clean guaranteed


Freshly laundered uniforms will ensure your staff make a great impression on your customers and feel comfortable as they work. We launder and deliver your staff uniforms (customer owned garments) to your business without a glitch. Our dry cleaning and laundry facilities allow us to choose the most appropriate cleaning method for optimum cleaning results every time.


  • Wait staff uniforms
  • Kitchen staff uniforms
  • House keeping uniforms
  • Hotel staff uniforms


  • Both dry cleaning and laundering available – depending on the material
  • Hygienic clean


Help protect your staff from burns and stains with our range of high quality aprons. We have a wide selection of sizes and styles to complement your venue’s appearance. Excellent Laundry’s aprons not only improve the safety of your staff but also improve the professional look and feel of your business.

Popular Products

  • Chefs Aprons
  • Waiters Aprons
    • Black or white
    • Continental
    • Apron (full length)
    • Half waiter Apron
    • Bib Apron


  • Highly durable materials
  • Wide range of products
  • Hassle free service


With our wide selection of linen tablecloths, serviettes, tea towels, table runner and more we can cover all your needs for table line hire, chair hire and event hire. You will never fall short of creative ideas to set the perfect table setting for your regular customers or for corporate events

Spoil your hotel guests with our range of  fresh, clean & luxurious bed linen and bath quality linen.

Ensure your staff  make a great first impression on your customers with our range of customisable Chef uniforms and aprons . We also launder and deliver your staff uniforms (customer owned good/garments) to your business with our hassle free service.   

We offer dry cleaning services for all types of clothing and fabrics – from everyday wear, and uniforms to the most delicate of dresses such as wedding dresses or formal wear.

Keep your business safe and clean with Excellent Laundry’s range of mats

“Thanks for looking after our business needs so wonderfully over the last 2 years.
We really appreciate the fast and friendly service.”​


Terry, Hotel Manager

Working for you since 1964...

“Excellent laundry has surpassed all our expectations from the moment we signed up until today. All our linen is delivery on time, every time with nothing but pure white sheets and towels – something we could not get with our other supplier. The service is professional, efficient and above all friendly. Would highly recommend to anyone willing to give Excellent a go”


Judy – Bed and Breakfast manager